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Get professional mobile phone numbers for your employees. The telephone system that transforms your business.

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In the event of the departure of one of your employees, you can reassign their number to another employee in a few clicks. You thus keep the ownership and stay the only entry point for your clients. 

Easily assign phone numbers to your employees. Attribute, reattribute, receive one invoice at the end of the month. Your colleagues only need to download the app to start making calls!

Your employees can use the Onoff Business mobile application to manage all their professional calls on one phone only. They just need to download the app and can immediately start calling.

So simple you wish you had it before! 

No need to provide a second phone to your employees  

Keep the ownership of numbers and contacts

La meilleure offre pro du marché


Professional mobile number

Unlimited calls in France and Europe

Unlimited SMS in France

No contract, no hidden fees

*Prix par numéro 

Tax excluded / month*
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International numbers available for 25€ tax excluded/month*

*Price per number

The best offer on the market 

The best offer on the market 

1. Create your Onoff Business account

2. Assign phone numbers 

3. It's done !

Sign-up to our service online and immediately start adding colleagues to the platform.

You can assign numbers to your colleagues in just a few clicks.

Download the application, log in and you can immediately start calling, using the number set up by your manager.

3 easy steps is all it takes! 

The best phone system for your company

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Want to find out more? 

Want to find out more? 

Transform your business right away!

Need a second number for personal calls?

Get a second number with Onoff. Unlimited calls and SMS to France!

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