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Forget expensive plans and stop buying mobile phones. Bring your mobile numbers into Microsoft Teams.

Votre premier numéro gratuit pendant un mois.

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Onoff Business explained in video!

Onoff Business automatically synchronises with Microsoft 365 active directory. Find your employees contacts directly on the platform. You can instantly assign professional numbers to all of them.  Remain the owner of your phone lines and reassign any number in one click in case of an employee departure. 

Your employees just have to download and log in to their Microsoft Teams Mobile app to start communicating with their mobile phone number directly from their own smartphone. Calls, SMS, MMS, visual voicemail…  They have all what they need for successful communication!

Your colleagues don’t need to use a second phone to make calls. By bringing the mobile phone number into Teams, Onoff Business  makes it possible to call directly from Teams. Your employees can manage all their communication directly from one phone only!

So simple you wish you had it before!

No second phone and a mobile phone number directly in Teams!

Automatic Sync with Microsoft 365

La meilleure offre pro du marché


Professional mobile number in Teams

Calls in Europe

SMS in France

No contract

*Prix par numéro 

Tax excluded/month*
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*starting price per number

The best offer on the market 

The best offer on the market 

1. Create your Onoff Business account

2. Assign phone numbers 

3. It's done !

Sign-up to our service online and immediately start adding colleagues to the platform.

In just a few clicks, assign phone number to your employees’s Microsoft Teams accounts

No need for a second phone. Your employees can immediately call with the assigned numbers, using Microsoft Teams.

3 easy steps is all it takes! 

Transform your business right away!

Your professional mobile numbers directly in Teams!

Need a second number for personal calls?

Get a second number with Onoff. Unlimited calls and SMS to France!

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